Our approach

At The Improve Foundation, education and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. In this way, we increase the knowledge and the capacity of adequate oral care.

What we do

To sustainably increase oral care capacity, it is important that knowledge and entrepreneurship ultimately lie with the local population: that is why everything we do is focused on providing and building up these competences.

Schooling and training

By facilitating training and medical education, we contribute to the improvement of health care in a country. By training local dentists, dentistry teachers, biomedical technicians and oral surgeons, we enable them to train others. In this way, dental care in that country will be permanently expanded and improved.

Starting new dental clinics

Long-term improvement lies in providing a country with sufficient capacity to provide dental care. That is why it is urgent that trained dentists can get started for themselves. The Improve Foundation helps these dentists with financing, coaching and entrepreneurial guidance so that they can open and maintain their own clinic successfully.


To guarantee the quality of these clinics, each practice is connected to a network and partners with a dental practice in the Netherlands. This is where knowledge is exchanged, purchasing channels for quality materials is organized and it is ensured that practice continues to deliver the right level of care. In addition, the network provides free dental care for those who otherwise would not be able to afford it. Dental care for everyone!

Treatment and prevention

Many oral diseases are preventable. Therefore, prevention plays a key role in treating local population and the training of local dentists. Of course every successful treatment of pain or inflammation can make a significant contribution to the quality of life. The Improve Foundation reaches out so that concrete care is given to the poorest of the poor.

Our goals for the next 10 years


receive coaching
and education


professionals in
oral care


extra people
access to dental care


start up/renovate

What have we already achieved?


students/ dentists received coaching and education


in dental care in
training/ graduated


extra people
who will get
access to dental care


under construction/renovated

Working together increases impact

We believe in synergy. That is why we work with partner organizations in the countries we support. In addition, we collaborate with companies, other foundations, knowledge institutes and fellow organizations that complement our work. Our partners include:

Aid organizations such as Mercy Ships

Dental schools and training institutes

Companies and dental clinics from NL

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