Realized projects

These projects are sponsored!

We are increasing medical capacity in West Africa 1 for 1. We do this through our own efforts, but also through a unique sponsorship program in which you, as a sponsor, give your gift in a very targeted way. Because the foundation is completely self-supporting at its own expense and everyone who participates in this is a volunteer, 100% of your gift goes to the chosen project!

Realized projects


Student Barry

Status 2023; studies specialization at the UM6SS in Morocco, year 1


Student Salematou

Status 2023; graduated! English in Ghana. Now working as dentist at Mercy Ships!


Student Raphael

Status 2023; started with study; English in Ghana


A clinic for pediatric dentistry in Guinea


Student Issac

“It is in this way that the desire to learn this trade was born in me to help those people!”


Student Serigne

“I am now an ambassador to help my community through this scholarship!”