Oral care for everyone

Our dream is to realize accessible oral care for the poorest people of West Africa

Make an impact

The Improve Foundation was founded to make oral care accessible to everyone. Did you know that almost half of the world’s population – 3.58 billion people – have mouth problems? In many countries there is too little manpower, money and resources for basic oral care. The Improve Foundation works together with other organisations to improve this through education, training and entrepreneurship.

Every day we are one step closer to give more than 500.000 people access to dental care.


people get access to dental care through the projects that have already been started by Improve and people like you!

Become an Improver! End the dental inequality.

Improvers are a community of monthly givers from around the world who are committed to make an impact and give as many people as possible access to good oral care. How many people will you help?

A healthy mouth is essential

According to the WHO, oral health is a very important indicator of overall health, well-being and quality of life. Yet, for example, caries (cavities) is one of the most common chronic diseases worldwide. Left untreated, this leads to pain, discomfort, disfigurement and sometimes even death. In addition, it has all kinds of other adverse effects, school dropout in children, for example, or loss of work and income in adults.


of the population in low-wage countries have no access to any form of oral care


of the world population needs acute oral care at some point, for example after an accident


more school absenteeism for children in slums is due to a lack of good oral and hand hygiene

Four conditions make up the majority of oral problems

  1. Caries, or cavities
  2. Gum diseases
  3. Mouth traumas
  4. Oral cancer

Almost all of them are preventable or treatable at an early stage

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