Donate for the education of 5 dental professionals each year in Senegal

At the moment the Improve Foundation is working together with UCMP Senegal, a federation of 30 missionary Health Care clinics in Senegal. These are clinics that help people who normally do not have access to health care. Almost all of these clinics are located in remote areas where there is a lot of poverty. Most clinics try to make healthcare accessible to the poorest by charging the lowest possible rates. The head of this federation of clinics is Mrs. Garence, she herself also works as a dentist. At the moment there are only 3 dentists and 5 senior dentistry technicians for the entire federation. Every trained dental professional can make a huge difference in this network. As foundation we want to finance the education of 5 oral professionals (2 dentists, 2 oral healthcare providers and 1 dental lab technician) each year. The students are currently being selected for the first batch! For €350,- per month you give a student the opportunity to become a dentist and make a huge positive impact in Senegal!

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